U10 to U18 Registration for the 2017/2018 Season

Registration is CLOSED for ALL Divisions.

If the Division you want is CLOSED and you wish to be put on a waitlist please email with the following info…

  • Division you want
  • Players Name
  • Players Birthdate
  • Contact Phone Number

Please remember all U10 to U18 Players MUST have a Dartmouth Lakers Uniform. See the Uniform tab to order.

Changes this year….

  • To be able to fully support our current membership numbers with solid coaches and adequate facilities, we will be capping our registration numbers for our 2017-18 season.
  • All registrations MUST be accompanied by payment in order to be considered complete.
  • Any registration NOT accompanied by payment will be considered INCOMPLETE and will automatically be placed on a wait list until payment is received.
  • Kidsport applicants MUST pay a $100 deposit in order for registration to be considered complete. Any Kidsport registration NOT accompanied by the $100 deposit will be considered INCOMPLETE and automatically be placed on a wait list until this deposit is received. This deposit will be returned in whole or in part once funding has been received from Kidsport.
  • Players MUST register in their age-appropriate division. Any players wishing to ‘play up’ in a higher division must register in their age-appropriate division. Any requests for moves to a higher divison will only be considered with Board approval once fall registration is complete.



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